How to Completely Delete your Facebook Account

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Before deleting your Facebook account completely, you should make sure, that all of your Data including messages, photos, videos or any other personal data have been downloaded in safe place onto your electronic device.

How to Download your data from Facebook (Step by Step Process) :

Click Facebook Settings which is at the top right corner of your facebook account


Click on the Settings tab or click here to go directly. Click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”

Delete Facebook Account : Step 2 : Download a Copy of your Data

Click “Start my Archive” button

Delete Facebook Account : Step 3 : Download your data

Delete Facebook Account : Step 3 : Download your data


This downloaded data contains your personal data such your personal messages, facebook pictures, timeline information; so be sure before storing, uploading this data onto any other website or computer. Once, you downloaded your data, Now let’s move onto Deleting your facebook ID.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently right now : After following all the steps to download your data and saving it onto your computer, you can simply click here to Delete your Facebook ID immediately once and for all.



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